Towards Reality in Nanoscale Materials IX

More on accommodation

Accomodation fees

Hotel accommodation, breakfasts, lunches and workshop dinner in restaurant Saamen Kammi are included in the accommodation fee (5 nights + 5 breakfasts + 4 lunches + 1 banquet + many coffees). If you stay less than 5 nights, payment for the exact number of nights (120 e per night) is possible, provided that you stay in a hotel room. Note that the number of rooms is limited. The accommodation fee is to be paid by credit card or money transfer. A link to the on-line payment system will be provided later on, along with the payment instructions.

For those who may bring children to the workshop, there is also a limited number of family rooms (for 4 people). Please contact the organizers directly if you need a family room.

Normal hotel room or room in a chalet?

The participants will be accommodated in hotel K5, either in hotel rooms or chalets. Each type of accommodation has advantages and disadvantages.

Accommodation in a room in the chalet assumes that


Once more, you can learn more about chalets from the visitor's guide.

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2016-10-13 TRNM registration is open.
2016-11-21 TRNM registration deadline.

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